*Soon to be consulting in Howe Sound Pharmacy, Gibsons BC, starting January 2020, as well as, giving educational seminars/workshops on many interesting herbal topics*

Traditional and Modern Herbal Healing

About Shannon Hobson and her educational background:

Shannon Hobson, originally from Calgary, lived internationally for almost 8 years, studied Naturopathy in Melbourne Australia for 2 years, excelling in physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition, and biochemistry. Deciding that Naturopathy was not the route for her, she left Australia and moved to Gibson’s BC, where she met some of the most influential people in her life, which drove her to change careers.

Shannon is now a Certified East West Herbalist specializing in Chinese tongue and pulse diagnostics but has broad educational background in modalities such as; psychology and counselling, Naturopathy, and pharmacology. Before graduating in May of 2019, she not only studied Chinese, Indian/Ayurvedic, and Western Herbalism through the School of Planetary Herbology located in Santa Cruz CA, but she also worked in the pharmaceutical industry, giving her a broad knowledge-base in pharmaceutical and herbal interactions.

Throughout her studies in Planetary Herbology, Shannon has learned, not only, traditional and modern herbal healing through the use of tinctures, salves, liniments, teas, fomentations, and many more, but she has also learned many traditional body works techniques such as cupping, moxibustion, Korean Hand Therapy, as well as, relaxation techniques such as Shirodhara, foot/hand soaks, and herbal relaxation baths.

*Please see Therapies page for full description of each treatment offered*

About the name Natural-KnowHow:

Natural is defined as existing in a natural state, caused by nature, and is not man-made.   Know-how is defined as an individual or group of individuals gaining knowledge to accomplish something.

Taking those definitions in mind, many people are going back to a simpler way of thinking. Natural and untainted by human processes is a driver for many people to change their perspective around health and wellness.  This includes changing to positive, holistic ideals about supplementation, herbal medicine, food as medicine, food processing techniques, pharmaceuticals, and conventional medicine practices.    

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