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I was asked, “What is your forecast for natural medicine over the next 20 years? Will it continue to increase in popularity and recognition?”: Here is my answer

Natural medicine, I think, will only continue to grow in popularity.  I believe with the amount of accessible information we have in the world today, that people are starting to gain the knowledge about how effective natural therapies are and how ineffective or even dangerous conventional medicines can be.  I believe the mass population is starting to recognise that most big companies are only looking out for themselves and that health related issues regarding their products may not be a priority.  This is having an increased effect on the prevalence of disease, and because of better technology for testing we have traced back the path of illness to commercial products once thought to be safe.  Social networking sites have given once voiceless people the ability to share feelings, stories, beliefs and knowledge.  I think this has had a major effect on the speed of the natural therapy industry coming into the market today. A wave of understanding and collective belief that moving back to natural and sustainable means has and will continue to progress this CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) movement, along with better technologies for moral progression rather then economic gain in relation to health.  Through better education and understanding, the natural health movement will, I think, eventually go hand-in-hand with conventional medicine like that seen in China, where acupuncture and many procedures are the norm.  It comes down to a balancing act of economics and capital gain and the morality and health of the common people.  The wider population is starting to become more knowledgeable about what goes on “behind the scenes” if you will, about pharmaceuticals and conventional treatments, which has caused the beginning of a health revolution for everyone, not just the few.

Be aware and eat with care 🙂  I’m here for the people, I don’t want anything expect to educate and liberate.  It’s time for change, and it starts with every single person. Share your knowledge, share your experiences, just share.

ADHD and St.John’s Wort supplementation: Article


Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort)
for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
in Children and Adolescents
A Randomized Controlled Trial


Click on the underlined link above to read an interesting article about the effects of St.John’s Wort supplement and its effects on ADHD in children.  I don’t want to ruin it, but the conclusion leads to the fact that more testing needs to be done.  It’s still a really interesting article about how randomized control trials are done, and there is potential for St.John’s Wort to be an effective treatment to minimise ADHD symptoms, but make sure to get the doses right and look for brands that don’t easily oxidise, which reduces its effectiveness.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!  Be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref:  ©2008 American Medical Association

Wendy Weber, ND, PhD, MPH
Ann Vander Stoep, PhD
Rachelle L. McCarty, ND, MPH
Noel S. Weiss, MD, DrPH
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Jon McClellan, MD

Week. 14: In-class finished, now it’s study time

So, I don’t have a lot to say about this week, and my brain is literally fried right now from finishing final assignments and preparing for semester 1 finals.  I don’t know if I have written this much, ever! I am constantly on the computer, my neck hurts, my lower back hurts, my eyes are strained, and I haven’t even started studying!!!  Isn’t this supposed to be natural health!!!  I shouldn’t be hurting!!  But I guess this is the process I have to go through :$

As of right now, I should tell prospective students ,wanting to go into Naturopathy, that if you don’t keep  up on things, I really don’t know how finals. are going to be. (I’d imagine stressed) Reduce this stress! Keep organized, do the readings, extra study questions, simplify notes, and make time for studying!  These are key elements!!  Some other key elements to consider, though, are to make sure you get up out of that chair and get some exercise, eat well to get those brain juices following and remember to breathe.  Relax when you can, so that you have some balance and don’t fly off the deep end.  So that’s my rant for this week.  I want to say happy studying to anyone reading this and going through their finals, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Be aware and eat with care 🙂