Interesting video: EARTHLINGS *not for the faint at heart, extremely graphic and will turn you vegan or vegetarian

I have been transitioning slowly to vegetarianism as I collected evidence of mass animal cruelty and how inefficient the meat industry really is. I officially proclaim myself a vegetarian after watching what I can only say is the truth of the industry. At first I cried and cried, then I came to the conclusion that I should not be sad, but angry that I grow up in a society that hides the truth from us and deems it ok to treat other living things this way for our own comfort.  I am posting this, but I warn that it is extremely graphic and not for the the faint at heart. I chose to watch the whole thing because I felt that I was ready too. If you are to, then embrace and feel with these animals because they are part of this earth just as much as we are. I’m not looking to convince or make others feel bad. This documentary has made my decision and I just wanted to share with other people that were wondering just like me, where does our meat really come from, and are the animal industries really that bad?

Interesting video: Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls | TEDxIowaCity

Really interesting TEDTalk from a doctor that has MS.  She “cured” herself, as much as she can, with diet alone, after countless medical procedures did not help.  It really shows the concept that food is medicine.  It’s amazing to see someone go from chair/bed ridden to walking and talking on stage telling her story.  Really amazing stuff.  Her diet plan is a bit hard to follow as its not the most practical for everyone, but if I were terminally ill, I would rather spend my money on food, then pills.  Incorporating some of her diet ideas into yours is a great way to stay healthy over one’s lifetime.  Thanks and enjoy.  Be aware and eat with care 🙂

Recipe: Simple Kale Chips :)

kale chips

Simple Kale Chips:

-1 large head of fresh, cleaned and dried kale (any kind) *cut off leaves and chop rough, freeze stalks for smoothies 😉

-olive, canola, or safflower oil (bottle on hand, as varying amounts are used)

-salt (varying amounts, depends on taste)

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees on convection bake, with middle rack in place.  In a large bowl add the chopped kale (needs to be very dry as water and oil do not mix well).  Add a small splash of your oil of choice making sure to lightly cover all kale (mixing with a clean hand is the easiest way).  Add a pinch of salt (1/2 tsp to start), kale soaks up the salt when it bakes and could come out too salty.  You can always add salt at the end if desired.  Now, add 1/3 of the kale to a large baking sheet so that it is evenly spread and makes a thin layer.  Pop the baking pan into the oven, now this part is a bit tricky because you can not walk away or it might burn!  It really depends on your oven, mine is old so about every 5 minutes I turn the pan to each side, until the chips are crispy to the touch and they should move around/sound dry when you shake the pan slightly, that’s how you know they are done.  Put them on to some paper towel in a bowl or into a strainer to cool completely, then eat!  Repeat the steps 2 more times with the rest of the kale and you get enough to snack on for a couple days.  Its a healthy alternative to popcorn and tastes great!  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks, be aware and eat with care 🙂

*new ovens, you may have to turn the pan every 2 minutes, as they will cook very fast, practice makes perfect!