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Article: The dubious practice of detox by Harvard Medical School

Link to article:  Harvard Detox Article

So this article dabbles into detoxifying programs.  It gives a nice definition of detox and some of the most popular ones, their effects, their effectiveness, as well as, prices, which is nice. Detox programs are tricky and there is way too much choice out there that can make it extremely confusing.  It is always recommended to visit and consult your health practitioner before going on a detox program, especially if you are a diabetic.  I suggest going to a Naturopath, as they specialise in herbal treatments, and most detox programs include herbal remedies. Naturopath’s might even be able to make a detox program specifically for you.  I had this done for me for my erratic hormones and I could not be happier with the outcome.  Always read reviews on detox programs, do some research and keep informed.  Its better to take the time do some due-diligence so you do the detox the right way, the first time, or you can end up making yourself very sick.  I hope this article helps with some of your choices.  Cheers and happy reading!  Be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref:  Harvard Women’s Health Watch (HARV WOMENS HEALTH WATCH), 2008 May; 15 (9): 1-3.


Break Blog Wk.8: Christmas fun with the Fam :)

So Christmas day was yesterday.  Presents were opened, brunch was delicious, and fun times were had by all.  My family didn’t know I was coming for xmas so I didn’t get a whole lot of presents, which I am completely fine with, I don’t need anything!!  haha  But, I did get some really nice clothes and gift certificates, which is always nice.  I think I will load up on cheap Canadian cosmetics, as they are extremely expensive in Australia (where I go to school).  Family xmas has been, I think, more fun filled then previous years.  My parents divorced when I was 16 and all the xmas’s thereafter were usually filled with arguing and always ended with someone crying.  This year was spend with my sisters fiancee’s family, which was pretty much a blast. Now, I don’t drink that much any-more, and being away from Canadians most of the time you really forget how much they can drink!  So I tried to keep up, ended up going to bed early, but I’m sure, feeling more refreshed then the rest of the gang in the morning.  I don’t think I have eaten so many starchy, butter-ridden food stuffs, and salty snacks, in all my life!  Tis the season I guess.  I hope your xmas was as family-filled as mine, and that you ate and drank too much, but fell into a glorious food coma with xmas love in your heart.  Now only new years to get through and then back on the health train for everyone!!   Happy 2015, hope this year brings everyone happiness 🙂 Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Article: Ethical Considerations of Doll Therapy for people with Dementia

Article Link:  Ethical considerations of doll therapy for people with dementia

Click on the underlined link above to read an informative article on Doll Therapy for people with dementia.  I found it interesting because I volunteer in an elderly home for people with dementia, and I always wondered why some of the residents had dolls in their rooms.  I find its an interesting article that delves into some of the techniques for treatment.  I understand some of the ethical considerations that are discussed, like the topic of the potential infancy angle, but from my experience, some people with level 4 dementia (Australia scale) completely revert back to an infant state.  Not saying they should be treated as infants, but sometimes one must get into that mindset in order to actually communicate with the resident.  Well, I hope you enjoy reading this article as it is a good start off point for understanding the interesting treatment techniques used when dealing with persons with dementia.  Thanks as always, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref:  Mitchell, Gary; Templeton, & Michelle, Queen’s University Belfast, UKSource:Nursing Ethics (NURS ETHICS), 2014 Sep; 21 (6): 720-30.