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Article: Hydrotherapy: a forgotten Australian therapeutic modality

Link to article:  Hydrotherapy article

Click on the underlined link above to read about the somewhat lost art of hydrotherapy.  Now, there is a common misunderstanding that hydrotherapy only involves water-colonic irrigation, which is not the case.  This article gives a very good summary of the different types of hydrotherapy methods and some of the benefits of each.  It also includes some at-home techniques you can do just by using your shower!  Its cheap and has been scientifically proven, so why not give it a go. Just a precaution though, if you have any type of cardiovascular problems then please consult a doctor, naturopathic practitioner or hydro-therapist before attempting any at-home treatment.   Hope you enjoy this article, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref:  Wardle, JonAffiliation:University of Technology Sydney Building 10, Jones Street, Ultimo 2007Source:Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine (AUST J HERBAL MED), 2013; 25 (1): 12-7.

Break Blog Wk.11: Changes

So this week things have pretty much come to a head and changes are going to be occurring.  I don’t want to get too deep into it, but my relationship has been in question and it seems time to take a step back and re-evaluate.  I think this is the best move for this moment in my life.  I’m always a creature of change and I know that whenever I change my situation I become stronger for it, although its a very emotionally draining time.  I have to admit, I haven’t been single for a very long time, and the times that I have been were short.  This last relationship has meant a lot to me.  This man has taught me to fully believe in myself and follow whatever path I choose, even if that means it’s not with him.  I have to admit as well, that I don’t even know if I’m sure what love really is.  Is it comfort? Lust? Pain and struggle? Infinite laughter and good times?  I’m always dizzy with deciding what love is to me.  I want to take this time to realize what kind of love is right for me, and unfortunately I can’t be with someone to figure that out.  I used the imagery of trying to take a picture of the Grand Canyon to describe my relationship issues, it was like this:

I feel like we get to the Grand Canyon (signifies the relationship) and look out to see how beautiful it is.  Then just as we go to take a picture (signifies our love), which will last our lifetime or longer, a group of  tourists (relationship issues) get out of a bus and stand right in the way of that beautiful scene.  We try to get through the crowd to see the horizon again, but there are just too many tourists and so we need to go back to the car.   We can either sit and wait around for the tourists to potentially leave or we can drive away.  But there is always another option as well, because one day we could come back to that spot and look at the beauty of that scenery and take that picture, or we can keep driving and find a new spot that may be more beautiful.

I hope that made sense, but if it didn’t it was more me for then anyone else.  I feel like its finally okay to be alone, which I don’t think I have ever felt like before.  This man has changed a lot about who I am for the better and I thank him for that, but this is my journey alone now to prove that I can be my own support.  I thank you my love for being the person I needed, to help me become the person I have always wanted to be.  Our own journeys will play out, and I may say I don’t know a lot about love, but I do know that if you truly love someone then that person being the happiest they can be, is the only thing you could want for them.

Thanks for reading, be aware and eat with care 🙂

Article: Environmental, Energetic, and Economic Comparisons of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems

Article link:  Organic vs conventional farming styles article

“The crop yields and economics of organic systems, compared
with conventional systems, appear to vary based on the
crops, regions, and technologies employed in the studies.
However, the environmental benefits attributable to reduced
chemical inputs, less soil erosion, water conservation, and
improved soil organic matter and biodiversity were consistently
greater in the organic systems than in the conventional

Click the underlined Article link above.  I really enjoyed this article.  It covers a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of organic vs conventional farming styles in relation to real studies observed over long periods of time, for example 22 years.  It is fairly in-depth about how organic farming styles effect soil elements like fertility, carbon and nitrogen levels, soil biology, etc… and I like how it didn’t seem to be bias when comparing with conventional methods.  I feel like this article is a really good summary and start-off point for my Science of Food Medicine course, which is why it’s one of the first readings.  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.  Cheers, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

SEIDEL, RITA2Source:BioScience, July 2005, Vol. 55, Issue 7, p. 573-582, 10 p.