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Quick-view Handouts: Lipids (fats), Ayurvedic Medicine Constitutions, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Phytochemicals

Click here for handouts:  Lipids, Ayurvedic constitutions, TCM, and Phytochemical summary handouts

So these handouts are quick-views and summaries of the basic principles of Ayurvedic and TCM complementary medicine approaches, as well as, lipid (fat) break-down charts, and phytochemicals (chemical compounds found in plants).  Now I haven’t given a full break-down of what some of the charts mean, because I was hoping to get the reader involved with their own research!  A major point in natural medicine is to teach clients to help themselves, and I feel knowing how to research, and find out information for ones own knowledge is definitely key.  I recommend printing these handouts, and then researching your points of interest.  Hope you enjoy your knowledge journey!!  Thanks, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

PS- if your computer is slow like mine, it does take a bit of time for the handouts to download, cheers 🙂

Student Blog Wk.1 S.1 Yr.2: Stricter, more detailed, and impending stress

So I just finished my first week back for my second year in Naturopathic studies.  What can I say, other-than I’m not feeling the pressure yet, but I can assume it will be coming.  I have put myself into 6 courses, 2 online (which I hate), and the rest in-class.  I’m pretty excited about most of my courses because 2nd year is more about the details of Naturopathic medicine, rather then general science courses.  I have so much reading and so many assessments, plus 5 final exams, that this semester is going to be a test of time management and organization.  I think I have said that every semester, but this one is bigger and more hectic then usual.  We get marked stricter about our referencing, the assessments are very detailed, and the teachers expect you to remember everything for 1st year!  So review is in order, reading, reading, reading, and focus.  I did manage to have some fun time this week by squeezing in the St.Kilda night markets, where I bought a bunch of hippie swag (even-though I’m not a hippie), and had some laughs and home-made sangria with a close friend.  I also realized that going to work is probably going to be my only down-time from school, which makes me happy because I like where I work and the people I work with are pretty relaxed.   I don’t have much else to say about this week, except that I have already spend too much time on leisure activities, and not enough time on school, and its only the first week!!!   This is should be interesting…  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Recipe: CTFA (Crispy Tofu Fried Avocado) Tacos *Favorite!

So I made these randomly one day after watching the Food Network and seeing this vegan food truck make fried avocado tacos, not similar to these, at which point I said to myself, “I can make those so much better!”.  So I did!  Haha  Honestly, out of all my recipes this is my favorite.  Its sweet, salty, crispy, and cooling.  It can be made vegan and it is gluten free.  Serious flavor, serious satisfaction, not the best for your waist line, but a great treat! Enjoy!


CTFA Tacos:   (serves about 8 tacos)


-250g firm or extra firm tofu

-1/4 cup (60ml) sweet chili sauce

-1 tbsp of Mexican spice taco mix, or homemade if desired to reduce sodium content

-about 3 handfuls of coleslaw mix, or cut cabbage (red, green and purple), sliced into thin strips

-1.5 tsp of curry powder

-2 tbsp vegan mayo or regular mayo (whole egg)

-crispy corn taco shells

-1 semi-ripe avocado (needs to be slightly firm to cut into 1/2 inch strips or 1.5 cm about)

-1/2 to 1 cup of cornstarch

-peanut oil on hand


Step.1: Combine coleslaw, mayo and curry powder into a bowl, and mix until evenly coated. Place in the fridge.


Step.2: Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and discard.  Carefully remove the peel, keeping the shape of the halved avocado.  Cut length wise into about 1/2 inch strips (1.5 cm about). Place the cornstarch in a bowl, and gently roll the avocado pieces until evenly covered, gently tap off excess and place on a side plate for frying.


Step.3:  In a frying pan, add peanut oil to about 1/4 from the bottom.  Turn on the heat to med-high.  To test the oil, take a small pinch of cornstarch and put into the frying oil, when it starts to bubble, then the oil is hot enough to fry with.  Add a couple of pieces at a time, because if you add to many pieces the oil temperature will reduce.  Fry the avocados until golden brown on each side, using a fork to flip.  Use tongs or a fork to remove from the pan when desired color is reached.  Let dry on a side plate with paper towel on it to soak up the excess oil.


Step.4:  Discard the avocado frying oil in a tin can, carefully!!!!!!  It is extremely hot!!  Never pour down the sink or into a toilet, as it will cool and clog your pipes!  Wash and dry the frying pan for use in the next steps.

Step.5:  Take the tofu and put it into a food processor.  Pulse and process until grainy in texture, should look like mince or ground beef texture (see picture).  If using tofu that seems a bit wet, use a cheesecloth, place the tofu on to the cloth and squeeze out any excess liquid after food-processing.


Step.6:  Put the oven on to 150 degrees Celsius, and place the taco shells in, so they become warm.

Step.7:  Put the frying pan on med-high heat. Add about 4 tbsp of peanut oil, and allow to heat. When hot, add the tofu mince, and fry until golden brown.  At that point, add the Mexican or homemade spice, and mix until evenly distributed.  Turn the heat off, remove from stove and add the sweet chili sauce, mix until evenly coated.


Step.8:  Remove the coleslaw from the fridge and line up all taco ingredients for easy access. Assemble with crispy tofu mince on the bottom of the taco shell, then the avocado, and add the coleslaw on top!   Or however you want to make them!  Feel free to add fresh coriander into the coleslaw right before serving for some added freshness.  These are a great treat for kids or adults!  Hope you enjoy this recipe!  Thanks, and be aware and eat with care 🙂