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Student Blog Wk.5 S.1 Yr.2: Ranting and stressing, but I chose this….

So its I’ve noticed this week that there is a trend appearing.  I seem to sit at my desk every Saturday and do about 7-8 hours of pharmacology, and then come out gasping for air on the other side, not actually feeling like I’ve learned anything.  I don’t know who put this course together but it is a serious crock o shit.  There are about a million readings, not even in the text, and most I can’t even find on the Libguides.  The review quizzes are ridiculously hard, and again, cannot find where they are getting the information from.  The review questions, at least for session 4, could probably take me a good 5 hours. And then the lectures are 2-2.5 hours. There is literally about 10+ hours of work for this stupid class, and it only says there should be about 5 hours, that’s lectures + individual study, which is total BS.  The content is crazy heavy, and I am so stressed out trying to get all the material done, that I actually don’t retain any information from the lectures, so yipee!  This is by far the worst subject yet.  There that was my rant.   Anyways, so this week was again stressful.  I do like my other courses and I have kept up with them, and I am learning a lot.  I’ve really enjoyed Science of Food Medicine, as it is extremely relate-able.  Nutritional Biochem is pretty content heavy, but also very interesting because you get to learn how vitamins and minerals are actually used in the body.  Materia medica 1 is all about herbs and their actions on the body, also content heavy, but very interesting.  And finally pathology…. O pathology.  Teacher is boring as hell, but its my favorite subject.  I’m one of those weird people that would enjoy going to hospitals, wondering the whole time what people have. My curiosity was always there, and still is.  Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t want people to be sick! But there has always been an interest in me about why people get sick, what diseases are in general, what they look like, etc (I know kind of morbid).  I think you need a little morbid in you to be interested in helping people medically.  I would want to see the before and after of care, like literally see my medicines (herbs/supplements) help someone right before my eyes.  Like watching dermatitis (severe skin irritation/potential autoimmune reaction) go from really bad, to almost non-existent.  So good.   Anyways, I kind of went on with all of that. Needless to say I just want to help people.  What else happened this week….???  Well I continue to lack sleep, I sit waaaaayyyy tooo much in this desk chair, I wish I could have more time for volunteering, and exercise, but this is what I chose to study, Naturopathy, you are an evil temptress.  Hope you are enjoying free time for me, cause I can only imagine it right now, haha.  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Handout: Herbs for the mom-to-be: Sound advice for using medicinal plants to treat common pregnancy ailments

Link to guide: Mothering Mag Herbs and Pregnancy

So I have been learning all about herbs and their actions, finally, in my Materia Medica 1 class and I randomly found this little gem just on Google, all about herbs and pregnancy.  Its a handy guide and great to give to someone who is interested in natural health and how to incorporate herbs into one’s pregnancy.  Here’s the first little blip from the guide to give you a taste:

“The past decades have vastly improved outcomes in high-risk pregnancies and births, yet with these improvements has come the omnipresence of technology in nearly all aspects of normal childbearing. The desire
to avoid unnecessary interventions and a trend toward what is natural have led
many pregnant women to seek alternatives—for example, the use of herbs—for
the treatment of common pregnancy complaints. Studies and surveys estimate
that up to 45 percent of women have used herbs during pregnancy.”

If you or anyone you know is pregnant and wants a handy guide to herbal medicines, then print this off and enjoy!  Thanks, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref: B y  A v i v A  R o m m, mothering | j a n u a ry • 56 f e b r u a ry 2 0 0 8

Student Blog Wk.4 S.1 Yr.2: Grateful, yet bogged down with school!

So this week has been busy.  My dad left, too soon I say, but it was nice seeing him.  Other-than that this week has been mostly just homework and trying to get assessments done.  6 courses is full-on!  The only time I have a break is when I go to work for 2 days, which is actually a highlight of each week, as I work with some really nice people, and the pub I work at is super chill.  I honestly don’t have a ton to say about this week.  I literally have been glued to this desk chair.  I have noticed though, that I have started to feel really happy after doing a couple weeks of my ‘Grateful For’ jar.  Its really making me appreciate things.  I guess another major highlight of this week was receiving my organic Eden seeds!  Going to start to sow tomorrow hopefully to get the winter veg ready.  Thinking kale, cabbage, chives, and bok choy.  Also, tomorrow is all day nutritional bio-chemistry study day, as I have a test in 2 weeks and its going to be a hard one.  Well, sorry this week isn’t more exciting.  I don’t think the next couple weeks will be as 6 courses bogs me down and this is my life during the school semesters.  Hope you get more time to chill then I do!!  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂