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Article: Natural Depression “Treatment” Options


Article link: Natural depression treatments article

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.  I hope it helps shine some light on the natural “treatment” options for mild to moderate depression.  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂


Article: Gardiner, P, & Kemper, K 2006, ‘”Natural” remedies for depression: are they safe? Do they work?’, Contemporary Pediatrics, 23, 9, pp. 58-58, 60, 64-6 passim, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 23 August 2015.


Break Blog.8: Feeling Deflated

So this week has been pretty much the same as the others.  I’m still trying to get back into my groove, but I bought a car which was pretty exciting.  I don’t know what it is, but I just have this sense of emptiness that I can’t seem to shake.  I don’t know if its because I miss Melbourne, or if its something else, but it’s getting me down big-time.  The summer is so beautiful in Calgary, everything is so green, and I love nature so much, but for some reason it isn’t giving me any joy. I used to love to walk the dogs when I came for visits, and now I get to the dog park and I don’t feel.  I see myself slipping into depression, but there isn’t really anything in my life to be depressed about…. Its a really strange feeling.  Its like I’m living, but not actually feeling.  I don’t like it.  I have been doing mindfulness/meditation and yoga and I think I really need to start running again now that I’m feeling better physically.  I might even try some St.John’s Wort, which is a herbal treatment option for depression.  I hope I get out of this funk soon because I really want to enjoy my time with my friends and family before I move to BC, and I don’t want to continue to feel this way on my road-trip to the coast.   Hope your not feeling like me, but if you are then I’m going to post an article about natural depression treatments from 2006.  Not as recent as I wanted, but very comprehensive.  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Article: Yoga research :)


Article.1 link:  effects of yoga on brain waves and structural activation a review article

“examined brain waves, alpha waves
amplitude and frequency, which is associated with an increased
perception of calmness, was increased after breathing, meditation,
and asana-based yoga practice. Beta waves, which are associated
with task performance, were also seen to improve in frequency and
amplitude during and after mainly breathing based yoga. Theta
wave activity, which is naturally occurring during repetitive tasks
and autonomy, improved primarily after asana and breathing based
yoga practice. The overall increase in brain wave activity may
explain the decreases in anxiety and increases in focus that are
evident after yoga training programs.” —Pg.117



Article: Desai, R, Tailor, A, & Bhatt, T 2015, ‘Effects of yoga on brain waves and structural activation: A review’, Complementary Therapies In Clinical Practice, 21, pp. 112-118, ScienceDirect, EBSCOhost, viewed 17 August 2015.