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Article and Website links: Castor bean Oil Review


Article link:  Safety Data article review on Castor bean oil and its constituents

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So I couldn’t find a huge amount of medical journal evidence in relation to the medicinal benefits of Castor bean oil or Ricinus communis.  But, I did find a massive article containing the safety data of Castor bean oil and its derived constituents, but the article contains a huge amount of scientific jargon and goes on for about 45 pages.  So I searched around the internet and came across a couple websites that gives more of an idea of the health benefits of cold pressed Castor oil, and also outlines information about things to be weary about when using this product.  I have posted the long and jargon-based article in-case people are interested in reading it, but for simpler reading I have also pasted the links to 2 websites that I believe outline the health uses of Castor oil fairly well.  I use Castor oil in my facial moisturizer, as a mild laxative, and my boyfriend uses it on small abrasions for healing, but there are many other uses.  Make sure to stick with organic cold pressed castor oil if you are using it for your skin or internally, and always make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging.  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂



Article:  Johnson Jr., W 2007, ‘Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glyceryl Ricinoleate, Glyceryl Ricinoleate SE, Ricinoleic Acid, Potassium Ricinoleate, Sodium Ricinoleate, Zinc Ricinoleate, Cetyl Ricinoleate,..’, International Journal Of Toxicology (Taylor & Francis), 26, pp. 31-77, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 9 October 2015.

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Road trip Blog.1: The simpler things in life with a twist of adventure

So this road trip is turning out to be everything I could ask for and more.  Started off with a couple cold nights in Mosquito Creek/Lake Louise and then Yoho Glacier park, which I highly suggest going to in the summer months.  Ended up getting to Tatakka Falls, which was surprisingly more touristy then expected, but still beautiful.  We got to Emerald Lake and Natural Bridge within the first couple nights, hiked out into the middle of the woods about a half an hour in, then crossed a glacier fed river to sleep on a little island. At this point, I proceeded to have anxiety about getting eaten by animals in the dead of night, and where my bf ended up cracking a massive branch in his face while breaking down fire-wood.  Thankfully the worst did not occur, he did not lose an eye, but he did get a nasty bruise and a couple good gashes.  All-in-all it was an interesting experience and I would definitely consider doing more back-country trekking in the future.  We continued our journey to Kamloops where we visited my awesome cousin, then off to Sorrento to see Margaret Falls (absolutely beautiful), then Kelowna for a night at Bear Creek campsite (beautiful site, highly suggest), and then to Penticton/Naramata for a day of wine tasting.  Before the tasting began we did a little bike trip on the Kettle Valley Railway, which is a 600km bike trek from Kelowna to Hope BC, which I highly suggest doing around Kelowna or Penticton because the views are amazing.  We proceeded to taste delicious wines from the numerous vineyards in the Naramata region (just outside Penticton), and then stopped to have a delicious lunch at LakeBreeze vineyards (seriously good food for a reasonable price).  We finished the day off by driving into Penticton, setting up the bed, and then drinking a few too many wines and biking around the sleepy town in the dead of night (super fun).  We played some billiards and ate pub food to our hearts content before leisurely riding back to the RAV to sleep for the night. Just a mention that if anyone is thinking about sleeping in the back of any car or SUV for a road-trip, please, please, spend the money on a piece of foam cut to the back.  I have had some of the best nights of sleep in a long time, so get on the phone to your local foam store, haha. What else???  After Penticton we have traveled to Grand Forks to visit my bf’s mom, and I can see why some people end up staying in this semi-random slow-paced town.  The hills around the little valley are picturesque and the silence is something to savor.  We ended up hiking Observation mountain just above the city and the view is spectacular.  We also ate at the Borscht Bowl in town, who proudly divulged that the chef had just won the Borscht soup tasting contest the day before.  So far I have come to realize that I prefer the simpler things in life, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the trip unfolds.  We are off to the States tomorrow, travelling down to San Fran and then back up the 101 to Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA before going to Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and the Sunshine coast.  It’s looking more like our 1 month trip is going to be almost 2 months, but we are just seeing how it all plays out day-by-day.  I hope you do something every-day that scares you a little bit because life is an adventure!   Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂