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Amazing handouts I needed to share!! Thanks


Hand out link #1:  Winter Wellness wheel

Handout link #2:  Taste-of-Herbs handout with questions


Thanks to and Rosalee de la Forêt, everyone can download these amazing wheel-charts and have a quick reference for the use of herbs for many acute ailments.  I have engaged in some of Rosalee’s webinars (some are free!) and I feel like she is doing an amazing job at introducing TCM concepts and herbal medicine to everyday people.  I highly encourage you to visit their website and see for yourself!

Thanks, and be aware and eat with care 🙂



Handouts: Written by Rosalee de la Forêt. Taste of Herbs ©, LLC

A New Year!

So last year was a bit of a bust when it came to my posts…. I really tried hard to keep posting every week, but so much changed so quickly.  This year I feel like I can get back at it and start focusing on tailoring my posts to my NEW career path, which is becoming an East West Certified Herbalist!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning about Naturopathy in Australia, and I feel like I could have made a very rewarding career out of it…. but, the degree did not transfer from Australia (Endeavour College) back to Canada (which has some of the strictest criteria for transferring degrees internationally for the medical industry in general).  So I decided to cut my losses (international student tuition’s can be 3x as much as local students), and I moved to a small town outside Vancouver, called Gibson’s.  It’s been 1 year since that life-changing move, and I am happy to announce that I have bought a home in an even smaller adjacent town called Roberts Creek.

One of my fondest memories growing up was going to my cabin in Invermere.  Very small town, so beautiful, nicely tucked into the Rocky mountains, just peaceful.  Some of my favorite times were had there, and I remember being so happy just simply walking in the forest.  No Iphones back then, no over-crowding, no city noise-pollution… just me and nature.  So I took these fond memories and made them in my reality, a little piece of forest paradise.  I bought a house on 3/4th’s of an acre, surrounded by trees, and with so much potential.  The one little down fall is that it’s situated next to the highway… but I simply picture ocean waves crashing on rocks, instead the sound of cars driving by when I step outside.

Going back to why I changed my career path so abruptly.  Like I said, I loved learning about Naturopathy, but I always felt like it was missing a key element; a truly holistic approach to medicine.  I learned all about the human body, in all its glory, but I learned only a small amount about herbal medicine (which is what most people think Naturopaths know all about).  I know I didn’t stay for the whole course, but I am aware of the course outline, and Naturopathy really focuses on constitutes of plants individually (more the conventional science of herbs), and not plants as a whole being used as medicine (whole plant medicine = herbalism).

When I was in the Naturopathy degree, I was in one degree out of many, and each sector of holistic studies (TCM, MST…) were all very separate from each other.  I always asked myself, “why can’t we learn a little of every niche?”.  Of course, when I found out my degree didn’t transfer back to Canada, I had a lot of stressors and life-decisions to make, so my question as to why was put aside….until I got to Gibsons.   When I first arrived I still had the city mentality and momentum, the “gotta keep going, always gotta do something!” mentality.  This pushed me to contact naturopaths and herbalists in my area, so that I could get myself back into the holistic health groove (as I thought I might continue in Naturopathic studies eventually).  I ended up only getting one response from a woman named Mary.  She originally started her holistic health career as a Shiatsu practitioner (Japanese acupressure), but then eventually upgraded her practice by taking a course called East West Planetary Herbology out of Santa Cruz, CA.  She has now combined the 2 holistic sectors to make a very rewarding practice, and I have had the pleasure of following her foot steps and enrolling in the East West course, as of August 2016.  It has been almost 6 months since I started the online course, and I am loving it!  It incorporates traditional Ayurvedic techniques, with Chinese medicine diagnostics (TCM methods), as well as, Western herbalism.   I happened upon the answer to my question of why, totally by accident! The courses can be combined!

I thank my lucky stars that Mary came into my life 1 year ago.  She has been so encouraging and insightful, and she has even introduced me to the woman that introduced her to the East West course, whom I now work for doing herbal pressing (whole plant herbal tinctures, which are sold to Naturopaths).

Ever since moving, meditating (almost everyday) and working on my mental health (being closer to nature), I have never felt better about who I am and the path I am venturing down.  In this small town I feel like I have time to breath, time for me, and I have met amazing people with similar interests and mentalities.  I feel a sense of collective happiness and support here, something I didn’t feel in Australia…. the one thing I really needed to feel whole.  I am so happy to start sharing my journey again with you, and I hope that my story can inspire others to not be afraid to change.  Sometimes life needs a big kick-in-the-butt and a spiral down the rabbit hole, to come out the other side seeing more clearly and not being so scared. Change is hard, its terrifying, but change brings growth.

Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂