*See ‘Wholesale Herbs’ and ‘Wholesale Tinctures’ pages for these products for purchase*

Products: 90-100% organic materials used, small-batch, hand-made

Herbal “Petal & Leaf” Epsom salts: a mixture of dried herbs and flower petals with essential oils in Epsom salts, add 1+ tbsp to bath with addition of other Epsom salts to enhance relaxation and bathing experience

Coffee mix: currently Damascus rose petals (hand ground) and cardamom seed, a traditional Middle Eastern combination adding a lovely perfume of uplifting rose petals and spicy, digestive helping cardamom to your daily coffee, add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp depending on taste to any coffee apparatus, mixed into coffee before percolating

Herbal teas: see ‘Wholesale Herbs’ section for outline of tea blends offered

Herbal popcorn toppers:  a mixture of culinary herbs with nutritional yeast and salt, or organic raw sugar with culinary herbs, making a unique and tasty popcorn experience  (see below ** for oil pairings**)

    • Mushroom-Rosemary: 4 dried mushroom blend (shiitake, porcini, white button, oyster), organic nutritional yeast, organic rosemary, kosher sea salt
    • Mushroom-Thyme:  4 dried mushroom blend (same as above), organic nutritional yeast, organic thyme, kosher sea salt
    • Paprika-Garlic:  organic nutritional yeast, organic paprika, organic garlic powder, organic raw sugar, kosher sea salt, organic red pepper flakes
    • Lime-Chili: organic nutritional yeast, organic lemon peel, organic red pepper flakes, organic garlic powder, organic raw sugar, kosher sea salt, organic citric acid
    • Snickers-cookie: organic and gluten-free steel cut oats (fine blended), organic oatstraw (fine blended), organic raw sugar, organic cinnamon, nutmeg, kosher sea salt
    • Candied Rose Petals and Orange peel:  organic raw sugar, organic Damask rose petals(finely blended), organic orange peel (finely blended)

**Mushroom-Rosemary, Mushroom-Thyme, Paprika-Garlic and Snickers-Cookie toppers are best with melted butter or Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. butter-infused olive oil**

**Lime-Chili and Candied Rose Petals and Orange peel toppers best with melted organic coconut oil**

Herbal salves:  current selection; antiseptic salve, anti-itch/healing salve, more salves to be made and can be customized to individual (can be made vegan upon request)

Herbal candles:  made to order and always different, made from recycled candle material in recycled mason jars with dried plant material and mixed with essential oils, for a relaxing and natural experience and product