Give the gift of customized herbal tea blends, coffee mixes, and herbal bath/body items. 

All items are hand-made in small batches, seasonal, and always different for each person.  

Its simple:

Step. 1:  Email me ( which box (outlined below) you want to give a loved one

Step.2:  Decide on a price point (usually under $100, price chosen includes shipping cost)

Step.3: When it arrives take the mailing label off and wrap

              That’s it!!

Each item will be nicely laid out inside and there are no price tags to worry about.

Also, 98% of packing materials are recyclable, all items come in re-usable mason jars, and labeling is minimal to reduce waste.

Boxes:  *number of items in each box depends on price point chosen*

Box.1:  Tea blend sampler (a selection of tea blends will be made and are based on seasonal ingredients)

Box.2:  Tea and coffee mix sampler (a selection of tea blends, as well as, my signature hand-ground Damascus rose petal and cardamom coffee mix)

Box.3:  Bath and Body sampler (a selection of herbal infused bath items like Epsom salts, candles, and salves)

Box.4:  Mixed sampler (a sample of herbal teas, coffee mix, and bath/body items, all in one box!)

*Please see list below for some examples of products available*

*All products come with an outline of the medicinal benefits of the herbs used based on clinical evidence*

I’m happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days, payment is done through e-transfer. All information given is confidential and secure.

Products:  *I customize products based on seasonal herbs and to the individual that the box is being sent too, so this is not an exhaustive list*

  • Herbal “Petal & Leaf” Epsom salts, a mixture of dried herbs and flower petals with essential oils in Epsom salts, add 1+ tbsp to bath with addition of other Epsom salts to enhance relaxation and bathing experience
  • Coffee mix: currently Damascus rose petals (hand ground) and cardamom seed, a traditional Middle Eastern combination adding a lovely perfume of uplifting rose petals and spicy, digestive helping cardamom to your daily coffee, add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp depending on taste to any coffee apparatus, mixed into coffee before percolating
  • Herbal teas: selection of herbs which can be described and sent at time of inquiry as it depends on the season
  • Herbal popcorn toppers:  a mixture of culinary herbs with nutritional yeast and salt.  Some mixtures have a dried 4 mushroom blend, making a unique and tasty popcorn experience   *mixtures depend on herb availability and can be customized to individual tastes*
  • Herbal salves:  current selection; antiseptic salve, anti-itch/healing salve, more salves to be made and can be customized to individual (can be made vegan upon request)
  • Herbal candles:  made to order and always different, made from recycled candle material in recycled mason jars with dried plant material and mixed with essential oils, for a relaxing and natural experience and product