About Natural-Know How:

Know-how is defined as an individual or group of individuals gaining knowledge to accomplish something.  Natural is defined as existing in a natural state, caused by nature, and is not man-made.

Taking those definitions in mind, many people are going back to a simpler way of thinking. Natural and untainted by human processes is a driver for many people to change their perspective on modern society’s mentality and processes around health and wellness.  This includes changing to positive, holistic ideals about supplementation, herbal medicine, food as medicine, food processing techniques, pharmaceuticals, and conventional medicine practices.  Natural-Know How is a website designed for individuals that want to be a part of a community of like-minded people in order to be a driver for change in relation to health and wellness.  This includes sharing academic medical journal articles,  healthy recipes and focusing on holistic medicine alternatives, whilst not excluding conventional medicine.

This website follows the journey of a clinical herbal therapist/herbalist student and the trials and tribulations that come from following a passion to make others healthier.  This can be found in the student/life blog section.  It outlines the emotions I face as a herbalist student and the knowledge I gain from my experience during study, as well as starting a career into a sought after industry.

There is a comment section for people to share their opinions, because that is how knowledge is spread. LET’S GET TALKING!

I would like to thank you for visiting this website and I hope that you can join me, Shannon Hobson, in my journey to educate people in growing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

Always question, always wonder. Be aware and eat with care.

Contact me at natknowhow@gmail.com