Blog.3: Meditation, Chakra re-balancing, and keeping positive

So this week I worked 4 days in the pharmacy.  I have to say its a pretty interesting job and I feel like I learn something new everyday I am there.  I’m sure I’m not supposed to be doing this, but when someone comes to the pharmacist and tells him about their issue, I can’t help but listen and try and deduct my own course of holistic treatment, or what the customer might be describing.  For example, a father and his daughter came in, and the daughter had a terrible rash.  The father said they had tried everything to get rid of it, but it wasn’t working.  I instantly thought, “sounds like a food allergy,” at which point the pharmacist said, “huh, sounds like it might be a food allergy.”  I was stoked!  When situations like that happen, I get more confident in myself about being a holistic practitioner.  I really like that I am going to be able to transfer the knowledge I gain in the pharmacy to be able to help my patients that much more.  Any-ways, so I worked this week, and the time flew by.  This weekend wasn’t super eventful but I have been continuing with my meditation sessions almost every morning, and I started a chakra re-balancing plan outlined in a book called “Chakra Therapy” by Keith Sherwood.  I’ve only done day one at this point, but I think it is going to be an interesting journey.  From the beginning you get 3 photos of yourself, a current one, you as a teenager, and one as an adolescent.  On the first day you study the photos and ask a series of questions like, “does this person look happy? do they look tense? ” etc…  You write down the questions and your answers, and you do this for each picture.  I didn’t think this would do a whole lot, but after I felt like my solar plexus chakra, which is where I hold a lot of tension, felt more relaxed and open.  The healing plan continues for 7 days, and then you read on about chakra’s, what they mean, how they affect the body, how can we balance them, etc…  I’m pretty excited to continue and see how it affects me.  What else?…. Still looking into volunteering…. from what I heard from the lady that runs the soup kitchen, that there are more volunteers then people that need help, so I guess I live in a pretty loving place, which is super nice.  Oh, I also started taking black cohosh oil capsules to try and lessen my hormonal roller-coaster over my cycle, but usually it takes about a month for the body to adapt to a new herb, so I will see if it starts to help over the next month or so.  I think a big thing for me this week is that the weather is getting better, and I really am seeing a change in how grounded I am here.  I feel like I can really be myself, and that makes me really happy.  I hope I can keep this positive view coming out of winter and into spring, and hope everyone has at positivity in their life as well.  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂