Break post.1: Break bucket-list

So, I just had a vacation in lovely Byron Bay and it was very eye opening into what position I am in with my goals and intentions.  I feel like I am in a cross-roads between wanting to have fun and go back to the party lifestyle I once was accustomed too, yes I used to party, a lot, and progressing to this lifestyle of health and wellness, which is obviously very different.  I think I am making progress and I hope that my will power and belief in my good intentions can push me to fully embrace the healthy side of things.

So getting back to my goals and intentions, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish during this month and 1 week break.  First, I recently received my composting Bokashi bin, which is a starter compost bin that uses wheat and rice fibres (waste products) and microbes to degrade kitchen wastes (everything except bone) which then creates fertilizer juice to be used diluted into gardens, and when the bin is full you mix the decomposed material into soil, causing it to be nutrient rich.  Now, the only problem I face is that I don’t have a soil because I live in a high rise apartment, but thankfully there are gardens around the city that take the compost, so I should be good.  Ill probably talk more about my experience with this later on down the road. That’s one item on my list I’ve been wanting for awhile.  Second, I also received my recycled paper making items (screen and deckle) and I plan on turning all my used paper from studying into recycled paper and sending my friends and family home-made cards! Yay!  Very excited to do this.  I always felt so bad using so much paper to study but now I have a really fun way to make old into new and help the environment while I’m at it.  You should give it a try to!  You can find the items needed from any environmental item on-line store, so go check it out!  Any ways,  the third item on my break bucket-list is doing my volunteering at Manningham Center for Seniors in Doncaster.  Very excited about this.  Craft day every Friday with high level dementia patients, seriously cannot wait!  Fourth and I think final goal for now is my collogue/painting project, where I am taking an old-thrown out pallet and making art, which I haven’t fully figured out yet.  Typing all of this I realize that this break is all about getting in touch with my artistic side, which I think has been lost over the years of travel.   When I am finished some work I’ll make sure to post and hopefully get some good feedback.  I encourage everyone reading to tap into their own creative side and just grab a pen and paper, or canvas and paint brush, anything really!  Just go crazy, art is a great release for stress, don’t over-think it, just feel it.  Thanks for reading 🙂

Be aware and eat with care 🙂