Week.1: Starting on my journey

Starting school again after 3 years seemed a bit daunting at first, but starting week two I feel like things are coming together. I have enrolled in full time study: chemistry/biochemistry, human biology, microbiology, foundations of critical thinking, and an online course, history of healing. When I say “enrolled” I mean I have no other choice but to be a full-time student because I am Canadian, thus an international student. This also means I have no fund help, no concession prices for transportation, and I pay almost double in comparison to Australian students. But, this is what I have chosen to do to stay in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Let’s go back to talking about my first week on my journey to becoming a naturopath. I feel a bit disorganized at first and try to wrap my head around how I am going to deal with 5 courses, as I have not done this since high school. I’m a pretty organized person so I think time will make this obstacle better. My classes seem larger than I expected. I heard from one girl that this year was the highest enrolment Endeavour College has ever had. Makes me worry about not sticking out in the crowd. I voiced this concern with a couple other girls in the class and one said, “Well at least our cause will be spread quicker,” I found that to be a good way to think about it. It has been nice to talk to like-minded people about why they are in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine or Massage Therapy. We all have this group sense to help people, naturally. I think it is a common misconception that Alternative medicine disregards conventional medicine, but it is really not the case. Conventional or modern and alternative medicine need to go hand in hand. They are interconnected just like humans, animals and plants are to each other.

The one major thing that I keep going over and over in my head is how I have to stay in a less than ideal learning environment for potentially 4 years. Endeavour campus is smack in the CBD and, I assume, used to be an old office building. There is not a huge amount of light in the main areas or classrooms, the wall colour is a light grey and there are 4 stalls in the girl’s bathroom for classes of 50+ that are 98% girls. So what I take from this bitter thought is that I just need to work my ass off, get wicked grades and then transfer to a school where I feel I would be better suited. This is the plan if the visa situation works out, but that’s not for a while. So here I am, class for 6 hours/3 days a week, florescent bulbs glaring down as I read my overpriced introduction to sciences texts. Let’s see how this goes and thanks for reading 