Student Blog S.2 Week. 3: Still catching up!

Honestly, this semester is just so jumbled!!  I cannot seem to get anything done when I want and the stress will not go away.  I’ve been talking to some of my friends at school and they say the same thing.  Semester 2 has been the semester of procrastination, but because of this we are all behind in homework and readings.  To be fair, there are just waaay to many readings, and I don’t understand how the administration thinks we can do 5 readings of 20 page studies for 1 class and then have the same amount or more for the other classes as well,  come on!  Be realistic! Full time course load is 24 hours of lecture time.  Then apparently we have 5 hours per class of extra study at home including assignments.  So that’s 120 hours a week!!! Ya right!! So I guess they would prefer health students to be extremely unhealthy because we don’t have time to eat, exercise or sleep, huh seems ridiculous and very unrealistic if you ask me.  So that was my little rant for today.  I’m still trying to catch up on homework and assignments and the endless reading list.  Maybe they do this to wheen off the people that can’t handle the stress… I’m not sure.  What I do know is that I’m not going down without a fight!  I just need to buckle down for 1 weekend and get’ur done!  Next weekend will probably be that time….o joy.  Anyways, thanks for reading.  Be aware and eat with care 🙂