Student Blog Wk.6 S.1 Yr.2: Frustrated to the max and school in-congruence!

So this week was frustrating to the max.  I had a slight mental break down after a nutritional biochemistry exam which I had put a lot of time and effort into studying for. I was very disappointed to write it as I found out, within mid-test, that the student study guide and the teacher had told us to study nothing that was on the test, yay!  So needless to say I am very angry with Endeavour College administration and course coordinators for putting together a useless study guide and lack of teacher/coordinator communication.  I also want to comment on the lack of congruence between the school changing its course structure and its expectations from the students, as there seems to be little in the way of organization and reassurance that I can trust the courses to be learning enhancing and not completely and ridiculously frustrating.  So just a little advice towards future Endeavour College students, be aware that their is a lot of poorly organized course structures, and don’t be surprised when some kind of organizational aspect goes astray, this seems to be the Endeavour way.  If I had the choice I would change schools, but unfortunately I am an international student and the Southern School of Natural Therapies does not take internationals (which is the only other reputable holistic health college in Melbourne specific to CAM).  Any ways, so that is my rant for this week. On a positive note I seem to be catching up with all my assignments and homework (thank god for organizational skills and work ethic), and I am hoping to come out with a good mark on that ridiculous test, due purely to common sense and understanding of the material I am learning in general.    I also had a pretty good day today thanks to Rescue Flower Remedy, which I highly suggest for stressed out students, or stressed out people in general.  I am also looking forward to break week because it gives me time to get all my week.10 projects done without classes, and maybe I can fit in some me time as well!!  Well, hope your week was much more in-line with holistic health, which is not to be stressed, but unfortunately with school, homework and tests, comes stress.  Thanks for reading.  Be aware and eat with care 🙂