Study Week Blog.5: I can’t not study! And the fundamental flaw with our system

So last week I mentioned that my motivation was completely lacking and that I was fine with failing my last exam because I would have another chance to do the course again next year in Canada…..well…. I couldn’t do it!  I can’t not study!  I mean really, what is the whole point of going to school if you aren’t going to cement the learned information throughout the semester to study for the final, as that’s when it all makes sense.  The information learned adds to the bigger picture and builds on the already learned knowledge from previous semesters!  That’s the point!  Any-ways  I ended up studying for my pharmacology which turned out to be less torturous then expected.  One of the most interesting things I learned was how many adverse drug reactions one can experience when taking some of these drugs, and it really makes me wonder if the risks vs the benefits are really worth it.  I mean I guess Warfarin use for people with dysfunctional blood-coagulation is a life saving, so obviously the benefits out-weight the risks, but something as simple as birth control pills should really be considered more, or at least more education around birth control pills should be obtainable from the conventional health system.  I know when I on birth control pills I was never really told what adverse health effects could occur.  Some of these include:  thromboembolism; increased risk of cervical, breast, hepatic tumour; hypertension; headache; irregular bleeding; weight, breast, mood, vaginal discharge, libido change; fluid retention; chloasma; rash; Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis; GI upset; cataract; lab test changes: liver, adrenal, renal, thyroid function, carrier protein levels, carbohydrate metabolism, coagulation, fibrinolysis parameters; others….. and this is only 1 brand (Brenda-35 ED) of OCP (oral contraception pill) available on today’s market. I understand that the product (OCP’s) come with health warnings within the package, but as a teenager I never thought twice to read the warnings, I definitely would have been benefited by being told these effects by my health professional, which I wasn’t.  Looking back on it now, how could I have been an educated consumer if no one would even help start my education?  Before I started in natural health college I didn’t realize how in the dark the average consumer is in when it comes to pharmaceuticals and health in general.  Now talking about it, I always go back to the question, is it the consumers responsibility to become educated or is it the system in general that keeps the consumers some what ignorant??  I mean you have to pay to get access to academic journal databases and even if you do get access, which can be restricted, the average individual has not been taught the general skills to even read most medical journals.  I feel like this is the fundamental flaw with our system.  We learn all about obtuse triangles and algebra, but how many of us actually learned practical life skills throughout junior and high school??  I sure as hell didn’t learn about how to do taxes, apply for bank loans, or something like debt management.  Any-ways the point to all of this is that education is absolutely fundamental to the general understanding of health.  As individuals we need to go to libraries and really research into our own health rather then just going to a doctor and getting handed a pill.  Its time to put the medical system into our own hands, with caution of course.  Also to conclude this will be one of my last school blogs for awhile as I will not be returning to school any-where from 6 months to 1 year as the intake for my course in Canada might only be one opportunity per year.  In the mean-time I will be experimenting with my new found knowledge, doing diet analyses, trying supplements, making creams/lotions/natural health products, as well as looking into growing medicinal herbs, so please keep posted for these interesting experiences to come. I hope to post all about what things worked, what didn’t and I hope to pay for access to medical journal databases to continue to post academic journal articles about general and natural health.  Hope you keep in mind that keeping educated, especially about your own health, is a huge tool for the betterment of your life, and that this knowledge seeking ability is in your hands, so get out there!  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂

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