Break Blog Post.4: Seeing value in the things I took for granted

So this week has been a whirl wind of changes.  I arrived very late into Calgary, Canada on Saturday night and I can’t even say, 1 week later, that I have gotten over my jet-lag.  This week has been chalked full of nostalgic moments, rafting down the river, my neighborhood pub gatherings, family dinners….  I really feel like I took a lot for granted before I left, but I’m glad I have learned their value now.  I really feel like I came back to Canada having succeeded in the goals I wanted to achieve.  I originally left to run away from a lot of problems, but I think I found myself and did come to realize that it doesn’t matter how far you run, your problems will always follow you. Throughout this week, I feel amazing and so grateful that I have gotten to spend time with my sister, and have had the opportunity to help out with her pre-wedding plans.  We are off to Vegas for her second bachelorette/hen’s night, yes second, so I’m feeling a bit worn because I still haven’t officially shaken my jet-lag.  I have been noticing though that I keep having waves of confusion because I think my mind and body haven’t fully realized that I’m not moving back to Melbourne this time.  I guess time will tell how everything goes, but I look forward to getting into a healthy routine, working and volunteering after Vegas.  (Speaking of which I won’t be posting next week’s post until Tuesday because I get back Monday night)   Any-ways things are good all-in-all, although I did disappoint myself and partied a bit harder then I wanted the other night, but I guess we all fall off the wagon sometimes, its always a learning curve.  I hope there have been positive changes in everyone’s lives for some reason or another this week.  I look forward to what happens in the next couple weeks!  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂