Break Blog Wk.12: Creative, productive and happy, o my!

So this week was all about creativity and productivity!   I had a burst of creativity and did a large art piece on my wall over my bed using free post-cards I have been collecting over the past 2 years in Melbourne, as well as, beer coasters, which is my thing to collect where-ever I go.  I think back in Canada I have almost 100 coasters and here I had about 50.  When I see a coaster, I pick it up!  Easy to carry when I backpacked, and each one is unique.  Some are in different languages, some are informative with trivia questions on them, and some make no sense, like the one from Thailand I picked up that had a drunken Santa on it, but not words, haha.  So that was my creative burst for the week.   I have noticed my creativity coming back slowly when I start rearranging my apartment, and figuring out how I can make art with household items 🙂  I found a interesting Pin-trest DIY project for old T-shirts, where you can make cloth baskets with some scissors, coloured string and a glue-gun, or I was thinking of making  my own produce T-shirt bags!  Gonna give that a go soon.  What else has been happening….  I went to the Fat Freddys Drop concert last night with my cutie patutie mom, whom is visiting me.  I just love this band because they aren’t stuck into one genre, they are kind of  reggae meets funk meets jazz with a little DJ action and rapping here and there.  Really good stuff!!  High energy!   This week as well I’v posted an ad for the spare room and so far met a lovely NZ girl, and look forward to meeting a couple other ladies over the next couple days.  As I type I start to notice that I’ve been fairly productive this week.  I also sent out 18 resumes on-line and called about 30 hostels looking for reception work if possible.  I’m looking for reception work because you need experience in any type of reception for at least 1 year before you can even think about getting in medical reception, unless by knowing someone or  through sheer luck.  Next, I’m going to tweek my resume to be able to apply at supplement retail stores this week.  I’m going to try my absolute best to get into something that can get me in the door into the naturopath or medical industry because that’s where my passion lies.  What else…. caterpillars are back in my newly growing tomato plants, so that’s a worry.  I’m off to get a massage with my mom and then get ready for a fun filled week of activities as we are going to Cirque Du Soliel, the tram restaurant and Witches in Britches theatre dinner!  Going to be truly memorable!  I do have to remember that I have an essay to write for my Food Medicine on-line course, but thankfully I finished my other essay in only a couple hours, so only one more to go!  About 2.5 weeks left of summer break, but I’m feeling productive, creative, and happy, so I look forward to this semesters challenges.  Hope your well, happy and productive in your own way!  Thanks for reading, and be aware and eat with care 🙂