Recipe sharing: Cauliflower Buffalo Bites!

Recipe: Cauliflower Buffalo Bites *click the underlined text

So my friend, Erin Swartz, is in a hospitality management course and she sent me this amazing vego recipe for cauliflower wings.  Seriously, they are good.  I love Franks Red Hot to sauce them up with and then dip them in ranch for a cooling taste, yum!!!    I thank my lovely love from Calgary for the care-package that delivered by delicious North American sauces, and Erin, one of my besties, for this recipe I get to share with all of you!  I hope you enjoy, but I’m almost 100% sure you will.  Feel free to add any sauce to the “wings”, and get creative!

PS- bake the “wings” slightly longer (approx 10mins) then the recipe says to give them a yummy crunch, and I also didn’t use any butter, because its not necessary for the recipe to taste awesome!