Study Week Blog 1: Study, study, study, party?

So this week has been, as the title suggests, all about studying.  We have 2 weeks of study time and then 2 weeks for the exam period.  I have 4 exams and they are all super content heavy. This week I took each day to do chapter summaries for 2 of my classes, which completely gave me cabin fever.  I used this pent up energy to have a pretty big night out on Friday after work, and it is now Sunday and I am on my second day of hangover…..  I realized that I do this quite often, or at least every couple weeks.  I think the major problem is that I don’t feel like I have a balance in my life, as I have so much school work and I feel like that is always a priority. This is a bit ridiculous for me to think because how can I take care of people and tell them to have a balance when I can’t even do it for myself.  I feel like this semester has definitely been a wake-up call for me.  I need to get my priorities in check, one of which, at the top of the list, is balance in my life.  I have a bit of an A-type personality and I really commit myself to study, maybe a little too much.  When I go back to Canada I really feel like there are going to be a lot of positive changes in my life and I’m so happy I get to share those changes with someone I love very deeply.  I look forward to more balance and stability, and I am going to focus my efforts on committing myself to this balance so that I have a little more peace in my life.  The article I am posting this week is for all the people that like to work hard and play hard. Its all about herbal medicine for alcoholism, but it describes some of the best herbs from around the world for hangovers.  I’m not suggesting that you keep up a party lifestyle and then just use natural medicine to get over it, as a lifestyle change might be in order, but its definitely interesting to know and try, as I very much doubt that most people will just quit drinking.  So I hope you enjoy knowing that even health oriented people like myself are still a bit self-destructive and that I’m not just a preacher with no understanding of the real world.  Gotta keep it real!  haha  Hope your not like me this weekend, but if you are then its okay, just stay hydrated and have a nap! Thanks for reading and be aware and eat with care 🙂