Pumpkin coconut lentil soup!

pumpkin coco lentil soup

Pumpkin coconut lentil soup!                    (serves 4)

-3 cups water

-1/2 brown onion (chopped fine)

-3/4 cup of lentils (mixed) *soaked in cool water for at least 4 hours

-1 can lite coconut milk

-1 small can of coconut cream

-1/2 Japanese pumpkin or butternut squash (chopped chunky)

-1/2 small sweet potato (chopped chunky)

*Spice mix: 1 tbsp of tumeric and smoked paprika, 1/2 tbsp of cumin and coriander powder

-salt to taste

In a large pot, with a lid, saute the onion on medium-high heat for about 3 minutes.  Add the spice mix and saute for another 1 minute.  Then, add the soaked lentils (water drained) and stir to combine ingredients.  Add all the other ingredients., stir, and bring to a simmer with pot lid on.  Simmer for 10 minutes, or until pumpkin/sweet potato breaks apart with a fork.  With a hand blender or blender of any kind, blend the ingredients until slightly thick.  Serve with freshly chopped coriander, mint or basil leaves!  Your done!  Super simple, super quick.  Hope you enjoy this. Thanks, be aware and eat with care 🙂

Let’s learn how to properly read FOOD LABELS!

Quick Food Label Guide

Click on the underlined link above to a super simple and quick reference when reading food labels.  It’s from Queensland Australia, but that doesn’t mean it won’t apply to labels from other parts of the world, they are usually all the same lay out.


If you want a more detailed look at reading food labels this government website is a good one.

Being able to read and understand food labels helps you to become a healthier consumer because you won’t be duped into buying highly processed food stuffs.  You can print out the quick reference guide and keep it with you when you shop.  Eventually one day you will remember the important percentages and your grocer baskets will be full of great healthy items!  Practice makes perfect.  Hope this helps!  Thanks and be aware and eat with care 🙂

Ref:  This is a consensus document from Queensland Dietitian/ Nutritionists Developed: August 2009 Disclaimer: http://www.health.qld.gov.au/masters/copyright.asp Review Date: August 2014

Article: Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy: The Effect on Neurodevelopment in the Child

Link to :  sess 20 req read iodine

Click on the underlined link above to read a really interesting study on Iodine and pregnancy/foetal development.  Iodine is a trace mineral, which means that our body’s need a very small amount of it.  Without this essential mineral, as seen with deficiencies, the body cannot growth and develop normally.  This leads to a whole host of problems, but specifically thyroid issues.  The thyroid gland produces hormones that help with our immune system, helps regulate other hormones in our body, as well as, its vital role in the regulation of the growth/development.  Without Iodine the thyroid gland cannot do its job properly and this is especially damaging to a growing foetus.  Mental retardation is the major side effects seen in babies where their mothers did not have enough Iodine in their diet when pregnant. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your daily Iodine is through Iodised salt.  Its that simple!  Read the article above to learn more about this essential trace mineral.  Thanks and enjoy.  Be aware and eat with care 🙂


Sheila A. Skeaff
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago,  Nutrients 2011, 3, 265-273; doi:10.3390/nu3020265