Herbal Tea Blends

*Certified organic ingredients, made in small batches

High in nutrition and taste!

Price: 50g/$7

Cool & Calm blend: Lemon verbena*, Chamomile*, Mugwort*, Lemon balm*, Catnip*, Lavender*, Peppermint*


Feverish Flu Tea blend: Pleurisy root, Marjoram*, Thyme*, Elderberry*, Boneset, Echinacea*, Licorice*, Ginger*


Bliss-out blend: Lemon balm*, Lemongrass*, Nettle leaf*, Catnip*, Alfalfa leaf*, Skullcap, Oatstraw*


Toasted Rice & Jasmine blend: toasted brown rice*, premium Jasmine green tea*


Sweet Rose Seasonal blend: Dehydrated Quince*, Elderberry*, Rose petals*


Relax Digestion blend: Orange peel*, Marshmallow root*, Astragalus*, Lemon peel*, Chamomile*, Licorice*, Ginger*, Slippery elm powder*


Nourish Me Tea Blend: Oat straw*, gf oats*, ashwagandha root*, chamomile*, rose hips*


Mineralize Me Tea Blend:
Raspberry leaf*, nettle leaf*, lemon balm*, alfalfa leaf*, oat straw*, chamomile*, peppermint*, rose petals*, rosehips*, ginger root*


*Products can be purchased at Roberts Creek Farm Gate Eco Market inside the Masonic Lodge every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm   OR   purchased via text, call, or email 

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*Picture credit to Dominique Coupal, Coastal Captures, Sunshine Coast BC Photographer