Herbal Tea Blends

*Certified organic ingredients, made in small batches

High in nutrition and taste!

New tea blends based on seasonally foraged herbs, come to the RC Farm Gate Eco Market to see all the selections

Price: $9/50g

Cool & Calm blend: Lemon verbena*, Chamomile*, Mugwort*, Lemon balm*, Catnip*, Lavender*, Peppermint*


Feverish Flu Tea blend: Pleurisy root, Marjoram*, Thyme*, Elderberry*, Boneset, Echinacea*, Licorice*, Ginger*


Bliss-out blend: Lemon balm*, Lemongrass*, Nettle leaf*, Catnip*, Alfalfa leaf*, Skullcap, Oatstraw*


Relax Digestion blend: Orange peel*, Marshmallow root*, Astragalus*, Lemon peel*, Chamomile*, Licorice*, Ginger*, Slippery elm powder*


Nourish Nerves Tea Blend (was Nourish Me Tea blend): Oat straw*, gf oats*, ashwagandha root*, chamomile*, rose hips*


Mineralize Me Tea Blend:
Raspberry leaf*, nettle leaf*, lemon balm*, alfalfa leaf*, oat straw*, chamomile*, peppermint*, rose petals*, rosehips*, ginger root*


Products can be purchased at Roberts Creek Farm Gate Eco Market at the Masonic Lodge, every Wednesday from 130 to 530 pm   OR   purchased via ‘Order Form’ on this website 

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*Picture credit to Dominique Coupal, Coastal Captures, Sunshine Coast BC Photographer