Products: 90-100% organic materials used, small-batch, hand-made

Coffee mix: currently Damascus rose petals (hand-ground) and cardamom seed, a traditional Middle Eastern combination adding a lovely perfume of uplifting rose petals and spicy, digestive helping cardamom to your daily coffee, add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp depending on taste to any coffee apparatus, mixed into coffee before percolating

Herbal “Petal & Leaf” Epsom salts: a mixture of dried herbs and flower petals with essential oils in Epsom salts, add 1+ tbsp to bath with addition of other Epsom salts to enhance relaxation and bathing experience

Herbal candles:  made to order and always different, made from recycled candle material in recycled mason jars with dried plant material and mixed with essential oils, for a relaxing and natural experience and product


*Products can be purchased at Roberts Creek Farm Gate Eco Market inside the Masonic Lodge every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm   OR   purchased via text, call, or email 

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