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“Dear Shannon:  In 2016 I was involved in a head-on collision car accident without my fault, luckily I survived without any injuries, and a year earlier my wife developed some health problems and as a result, it created severe insomnia which I had never before.  As a master herbalist and herbal advocate, I tried everything “natural” I could get my hands on, herbal tinctures, st. john’s wort capsules, valerian, passionflower tea, floating in a tank in Vancouver, acupuncture, meditation, Ayurvedic tea, and massage oil, long walks at the Pacific Ocean but without any positive results.
When I bought from you a month ago your tea blend “Cool & Calm” used a teaspoon in a cup of hot water with some honey at 5:00 pm, went to bed at 11:00 pm, immediately fall in sleep and woke up the next morning at 6:30 am at 7 1/2 hours sleep with any interruption…that was for me a miracle!  I keep drinking the tea now daily and when I wake up in the morning between 6:00 – 6:30 I feel like newborn, full of energy.
Shannon, for me it is a “MIRACLE TEA” and I will spread the word around to relatives, friends, neighbors because insomnia has become worldwide epidemic!”  All the best to you and keep up the good work!”

—– Klaus Ferlow, Honorable Master Herbalist (HMH), Dominion Herbal College, Herbal Advocate (HA), Canadian Herbalist’s Association, (Market-goer and product purchaser from Roberts Creek Farm Gate Eco Market, Roberts Creek BC)

“I made an appointment with Shannon Hobson the spring of 2020. My concern was a decline in my available energy resource and knowing there was no ‘magic pill’ that the Allopathic Model could prescribe that would restore my energy, I went to see Shannon. Now, three months later, my ‘digestive fire’ has significantly improved – (first line of defense) my energy is much improved- stable, consistent and I would say; doubled in staying power.  I am much encouraged and optimistic about what’s possible since I’m only half through my treatment!”
(Harlend – 71 years here on our sacred Mother Earth, client, Roberts Creek)

“I had chronic strep throat infections, Shannon gave me an amazing tincture that helped it from coming back, I’m so grateful!”  -T.R. (client, Roberts Creek, BC)

“Shannon’s consultations are lengthy but worth it, she covers everything and she really helped figure out what works for my situation.” -B.M. (client, Langdale, BC)

“Her Epsom salt blend is a perfect gift for a house-warming or baby shower, it smells so good!” -S.T. (Roberts Creek Farm Gate Eco market go-er)

“Wifey loved hers! Thank you!” – M.M. (herbal gift box purchaser online, Calgary, AB)

“I was having very uncomfortable bloating and stomach pain. I had a quick consult with Shannon and she gave me something that cleared it up. It was nice to have relief.” – V.C. (client, Roberts Creek, BC)

“Shannon is very thorough and really gets to know you as a whole person, taking time to investigate how even the most seemingly unrelated symptoms can affect your overall health.  I appreciate her holistic approach and sensitive, attentive follow through.  Thanks Shannon.” – A.C. (client, Gibsons, BC)

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